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If you struggle to differentiate between twisted pair cables and fibre optic cables, you’re not alone. System cabling – although simple in the eyes of professionals – is often quite confusing for the average business owner.

In the digital age, data cabling options are forever evolving and changing as new technology becomes available. As a business owner, it is hard enough knowing what type of cabling is required for your network – let alone trying to work out how to install it!

Here at A1 Communications, we take the hassle out of network cabling. We will work with you to determine the type of cabling required by your business, providing a customised solution that addresses your exacting needs. We offer data cabling to businesses in Melbourne and across Australia – and no job is too big or too small!

What is data cabling?

As the name suggests, data cabling refers to the physical cables that connect your business’s communications network – including servers, computers, laptops, printers and telephones. By connecting your business’s devices via a data transfer medium (i.e. the data cable), it becomes possible to facilitate data sharing and communication throughout the office itself – and beyond.

What types of cables are available?

When it comes to data cabling, there are different types of cables available that are suited to varying purposes. While the old coaxial cables are all but dead and buried in the modern office, there are now high performance cables in their place that facilitate the transfer of far larger quantities of data. A1 Communications will be able to provide advice regarding the type of cables suited to your specific business requirements.

Businesses with an internal network of computers, printers and other devices usually require local area network (LAN) technology. For this purpose, Ethernet cables are generally used. The composition of Ethernet cables has changed over the years as technology progresses; today’s cables are capable of transferring higher volumes of data compared to older cables. With higher internet speeds and increased demands in terms of communication and data transfer, high performance Ethernet cables are essential.

When it comes to the composition of the cable itself, there are two main types to choose from: twisted pair cables and fibre optic cables.

Twisted pair cables are nothing new; they emerged in the 1990s and have been used in place of old-style coaxial cables. Upon their release, they quickly became the standard for Ethernet connections. These cables consist of up to eight wires twisted together and are the most commonly used type of cabling across Australia – largely due to their high performance capabilities and low cost.

Fibre optic cables utilise the latest technology to deliver superior data transfer capabilities – in fact, these cables have made data transfer faster and more efficient than ever before. Their use in Ethernet cabling is on the rise as the cost decreases and businesses discover the advantages. This type of cabling makes it possible to transmit sophisticated video and data signals – as well as traditional signals such as fax and phone.

Contact the data cabling experts at A1 Communications

With more than 25 years of industry experience, we know a thing or two about data cabling. When you call on us, you can expect an end-to-end service that puts your needs first. From selecting the best type of cabling through to providing complete data cable installation, we can ensure your business is equipped with the most effective solution.

As a nationwide company, we can provide data cable installation to businesses in Melbourne and across most other parts of the country – whether you’re a small home business or a large nationwide company.

Available 24/7 and committed to providing a same day service, you can count on A1 Communications to deliver the assistance you need – when you need it! For more information regarding our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on 1300 551 214.

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3. Organise Install

When you are happy with everything we'll organise a time to install your phone system and handle the transition to the new setup.

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