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Frequently asked questions

First you need to check your current internet connection. If you are using this connection for a lot of uploading and downloading of data then it is probably a good idea to get a dedicated connection for your VoIP setup. The connection should support QoS, (Quality of Service) you should also concentrate on having not just a strong download speed but a strong upload speed as well. Talk to our specialists to find out if your current internet connection will be sufficient or for more details on what you need.
Firstly, there is a significant cost difference for VoIP calls, you often won't need to pay flagfalls on your calls, you can even be billed for individual seconds on a call rather then in 30 or 60 second blocks. You can easily handle multiple calls at the same time, you can have queues for your extra calls with hold music and call back options. Customers can call directly to extensions or certain teams. You have a lot more control over how calls are handled by your business. If you want to record phone calls this can also be easily achieved, you can use this to track effectiveness of different advertising strategies.
If you have an existing phone system operational and you just wanted to add a few extra extensions and handsets for new staff then yes we can easily accomodate this for you. Give our team a call today to find out about handset options and what will work best for your needs.

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